We Priced Our Technology For Even The Largest 1099 Sales Organizations.

How Does Our Enterprise Pricing Work?

All accounts must have a minimum of:

25,000 shared contacts call for pricing.
Monthly user minimum, Price per user is based on user count, call for break points.

Other requirements:

1-year contract
Set-up fee (based on your requirements)

What’s included in your account:

All features & tools
Dedicated account manager
Whitelabeled application
Whitelabeled support options available
Custom sign up pages & API access

Call Sales At 866.535.0883 To Discuss Your Needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Charge My Sales Team Members Directly For Their Access?

Yes, With an MDC DOT enterprise account you can pay for the fees or pass the costs directly to your 1099 sales force. We provide many methods to how your instance can be set-up. We provide a custom sign-up page for your ease in allowing your team to get and pay for their own account.

Can I Decide The Pricing For Subscriptions Or Offer Custom Plans With My Account?

Yes, you can decide what plans and price points are offered as part of your system. You are buying the technology at our wholesale price and can charge as much as you like and keep the difference.

Can I Use My Own Merchant Or Backoffice System To Collect Fees?

Yes, Our system only integrates with Stripe. As long as you have your merchant system with Stripe then you can collect fees via our application. If you want to use another merchant or back office system to manage access, then you will need to use our API to manage your users accounts.

Can I offer A Free Account And lockout Certian Features?

Yes, We can set-up a free account level and lock-out certain features that can only be accessed if a subscriber upgrades. Please call sales to discuss your needs and pricing for free accounts.

CAN-SPAM & compliance

MDC DOT is fully CAN-SPAM compliant and follows all USA & CANADA rules. We automatically handle all unsubscribes & bounced contacts for you. We automatically append every email with your company name, address, and an unsubscribe link.

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Try MDC DOT Free

for 30 Days

Cancel anytime, month-to-month,

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