Built-For-You Affiliate Program

We Provide You Everything You Need To Succeed From Strategy to Technology. All You Do Is Drive The Traffic.

First, Success Starts With A Strategy.

Email Automation.


When leads are added to your MDC DOT affiliate account we have pre-built email campaigns that get triggered to nurture your prospect to becoming subscribers. We also provide lead nurturing campaigns for you to use on your warm market contacts.



When you send traffic to our official blog using your customized link, our tracking codes will tag any visitors to you, therefore providing lead protection on subsequent visits. Now you can share great content to help position yourself as a thought leader in digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing.


Through our social media scheduling tool, we provide you a library of pre-built social media posts with your coded affiliate link to market MDC DOT.



At no cost to you, we have implemented retargeting ad campaigns on Facebook and the Google display network to drive your traffic back to your replicated funnels and our website.

Ads & Banners.


We provide you with a library of banners ads you can use on your websites and blogs to promote MDC DOT.

Second, We Provide You With Powerful Technology.

Marketing Automation

Leverage our pre-built marketing automation program. Automatically deploy lead nurturing, lead scoring, and instant sales alerts to drive affiliate sales.


Our CRM provides you critical data and functions your affiliate business needs. This includes contact tracking and digital sharing tools that’s built right in.

Email Marketing

We have pre-built automated email campaigns for you to leverage, your leads will be automatically nurtured at no cost to you.

Social Media Marketing

Our “Get Social” marketing tool allows you schedule pre-built social posts to generate leads and drive traffic using your affiliate link.


MDC DOT analytics allow you begin measuring the effectiveness of your affiliate program; and develop metrics to increase your bottom line commissions.

Email Verification

Clean data is on us, every email added to our system gets verified as a deliverable address via our native integration with Kickbox.io.

Prospect Tracking

Our tracking does not rely on browser cookies to track which allows us to generate the most accurate contact profile possible.

Lead Protection

With MDC DOT lead protection the traffic you drive will be assigned to you for up to one year.

Website Replication

All of our websites, landing pages and lead generation funnels are auto-replicated to you. So you can drive affiliate sales quickly.

Mobile Application

Take MDC DOT outside the office with our Mobile CRM and Social Media Sharing application.

Co-op Blogging

Our MDC DOT blog will now be your official blog.

Third, We Developed A Commission Structure Like No Other.

Earn 30% recurring commissions

When someone you refer to us activates a paid subscription, you'll earn 30% on the initial sale but also - on any recurring payments they make.

Invite other affiliates – earn 5%

Invite others to become affiliates and when someone they refer to us activates a paid subscription, you'll earn 5% on the initial sale but also - on any recurring payments they make.

Monthly Payouts

Track your commissions and sales in realtime with our technology. We will process Paypal payments every month with the commissions that you have earned.

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