What is a great Click and Open Rate?

What is a great Click and Open Rate?


If it was up to us, both of these numbers would be 100% all the time, but that’s just not reality. There’s a little science, a little psychology, and some luck mixed into these two stats. There are also countless factors, some of which include: company size, frequency of campaign, and industry. Luckily, these numbers have already been analyzed to see what basic combination yields a decent result.


Frequency of Campaigns

To get the best open rate, you want to run 16 to 30 campaigns a month. That may seem like a lot. Heck, 30 campaigns is nearly one per day, but within this range you will see nearly 33% of those resulting in an open email. When you are running an email marketing campaign, your main goal is to get more people to open your emails. Studies show that sending out 16 to 30 emails gets this done.


How Does The Click Rate Compare?

If you are sending 16 to 30 emails per month, you can expect to see almost a 7% click rate. If that number seems low to you, consider that for a good number of the people that opened your email, your marketing message was persuasive enough for them to click your link. If those individuals don’t buy this time, it may just take one more email. That 7% tells you there are people interested in your business. 7% in new potential customers each month will make your emails worth it.


The Sweet Spot

Sending more or fewer emails proves to decrease one of these target statistics dramatically. While the open rate remains somewhat steady no matter how many emails you send, the click rate falls to below 3% if you only send a couple of emails per month. Sending more than 30 emails drops the click rate well below 6% no matter what size your company. This might not seem like much, but each one is a potential customer. Customers who are already interested. The sweet spot for your email marketing campaigns is between 16 and 30 emails.


More Factors Affecting These Rates

Don’t forget that potential customers will be opening your emails on both Desktop and Mobile devices. Finance, Retail, and Recruitment have the highest rates on Mobile while Business to Business (B2B), Energy, and Data have the worst. Mobile users are less likely to click through at all.


The quality of your list is important. Ensure that you are capturing leads who are interested in receiving your emails. In turn, make sure your emails are answering a question or solving a problem for your customers. You can always include additional calls to action in that blog post or coupon you are directing them toward. Informative and engaging emails will optimize your open and click rates.


Do what you can to keep your list up to date. People change email addresses at a crazy rate, and some of those you capture will never reach the person. They may not necessarily bounce back to you either. Consider including an update form of some sort in your campaigns on occasion, so interested customers can let you know about any changes.


There will always be those few who mark your emails as spam. Make sure you include your company name clearly in the Subject and From fields so readers know who you are and what you do. Unsolicited emails are a gray area that can leak over into illegal, so be sure your knowledge and tools for email marketing are on the up and up.


What to Aim Toward with Your Email Marketing

Consider this: if your open rate is at 2%, you are doing better than most. The 7% previously mentioned is a great rate…about the greatest you can hope to get. If you are doing less than 1%, you need to tweak your content and/or list, but remember to keep your campaign running at 16 to 30 emails. Shoot for the 7%. If you land among the 2%, consider your campaigns successful.