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6 Features That Make MDC DOT Solo Different

Replicate and brand your campaigns, webpages, social posts, and blogs for each sales rep to market themselves online.

Lead Protection
Enable your sales reps to send prospects to your corporate websites, blogs, and landing pages without losing sales.

Email Verification
At no additional cost, every email address added to your account gets verified through our integration.

Traffic Rotators
Rotate your website visitors and/or identified leads and assign them to one of your sales reps automatically.

Co-op Blogging
When one of your sales reps sends traffic to your blog, MDC DOT's technology can auto brand the blog to that sales rep.

Cookie-less Tracking
Leverage cutting-edge individual behavior tracking to help you identify and understand your prospects.

"MDC DOT... gives marketing automation functions to sales people... That’s pendulum swinging with a vengeance.
David Raab, Marketing Automation Analyst & Consultant

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“The technology behind this tool is amazing... the results are unlike anything else I've seen... strong engagement from the emails... Worth the investment, it's a huge time saver, and automates much of the back end nurturing that I haven't been able to do on my own.”

“I had a prospect inquire about the opportunity but then never returned any voicemail that I left. I put her into MDC... and she later called me... Initially I was confused at how she knew details even though we hadn't spoken... I realized the emails from MDC had educated her! I signed her up yesterday!”

Proof that MDC DOT is working and our tools are great! I received an e-mail from a prospect today that I had on a few different campaigns over the course of a couple of months. Their interest level raised with each campaign and I sat still and let the tool do the work (checked in a few times) but made sure to be patient. Set up a meeting for Monday with 2 very interested business owners!

By far the best system I have every seen, let alone use, in my 10+ years in the industry. Thanks team.

“Just have to say that this an amazing tool. I had a prospect interested in my opportunity... I put her into MDC DOT, and it did the rest. A week later she joined my team.”

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